Not Your Mother’s DJ

THE North Central Bride sat down with Jeff Angelini, one of the founders of Nyte-Flyte Entertainment. Jeff told us everything we wanted t know about djing for weddings… and even some thing we didn’t know we needed to know!

Over 30 years ago, Jeff took his home stereo system to a friend’s party to play some tunes – blew out three of his four speakers – and everyone had a great time. Jeff invested in professional equipment that wouldn’t blow up, and never looked back.

TNCOB: Jeff, you’ve been doing this for a long time; what keeps you going.

Jeff: I love working with wedding couples, the planning, the organizing, and then seeing everything come together all at once.

TNCOB: What’s changed about djing, since the parents of today’s brides got married?

Jeff: In the beginning djs were just that: disk jockeys; they played records for your party or wedding. Today, parties and weddings are completely different gigs. People who have played music for a party or two, can quickly be overwhelmed after agreeing to dj for a friend’s wedding. In fact, it’s not uncommon for a bride to call a professional dj in a panic, after “a friend” realized he was in over his head an backed out of doing their wedding.

TNCOB: So what’s so different about weddings today?

Jeff: Well, thirty years ago there wasn’t that big of difference. At a wedding, djs played music until the bride or groom or favorite uncle asked us to “turn down the music” so someone could offer a toast.
Then we played more dinner music until someone told us it was time to cut the cake…. and the evening went on like that. We were reactive. We reacted to whatever we were asked to do, but so many times people weren’t quite sure what to do next or when to do what. From there dj’s evolved into what we are today: wedding coordinators for the reception.

TNCOB: What do you mean by coordinator?

Jeff: Professional dj’s help brides plan more than just their music choices for different part of the reception. They help plan the mood and feel of the reception. They often provide two people – the dj who is responsible for the music itself, and a Master of Ceremonies, who coordinates with the wedding couple, the caterer, the photographer, and any other vendors at the reception. Many times they even provide lighting that can help define the mood you’re trying to create in a fairly simple venue. In the last eight or ten years, dj entertainment companies have also been providing photo booths for couples and their guests.

TNCOB: How can a wedding couple be sure they are getting someone who really knows all of the details of a wedding and how to help the reception go smoothly and be fun? Jeff: Ask your friends – Ask former brides – Ask other vendors – Ask the event coordinator at your venue – They all have worked with various djs, and they know who provides great entertainment, who helps the guests have a good time, who is easy to work with, and who acts professionally. Also them whether the entertainment was all about the dj himself, or was it centered on the wedding couple.

TNCOB: What other advice would you give wedding couples who are looking for the perfect dj/coordinator/entertainment for their reception?

Jeff: Check their professionalism, spend time with them to make sure they are a good personality fit for the mood of your reception, and when you’re talking to their former clients, ask them if they and their guests had fun – that’s what a reception is all about!

Thanks from TNCOB to Jeff Angelini of Nyte-Flyte Entertainment for helping our North Central Ohio Brides.

Brides: What do you think? What other advice would you give to someone choosing a DJ?

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