Getting The Most From Your Time At A Bridal Show

TNCOB reached out to Ethan Crawford from the Ashland University Catering Department to get his insights on how prospective brides can get the most out of their time at a bridal show. Ethan has a unique perspective: He has been affiliated with a service provider at a bridal show, and now he is coordinating the University’s Bridal Spectacular coming up in February 2016.

TNCOB: How does having experience on two sides of a bridal show affect your view of the shows? Ethan: It really changes your perspective. Sometimes shows can become all about the numbers and all about “the show.” As a former vendor/service provider, I learned that it’s really all about the bride and the quality time she can spend with a someone she may want to provide a service for her wedding.

TNCOB: There are lots of bridal shows going on; sometimes there are even more than one show on the same day . Can’t that get a bit confusing for brides?

Ethan: Sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you go to more than one bridal show in a short time.

TNCOB: What is the difference between a high volume bridal show like you might find in bigger cities, [where five to ten thousand brides are crushed into small aisles trying to see four to five hundred vendors] and one in a smaller town, that is more of a slower paced, intimate show? Ethan: A more intimate show is certainly less overwhelming and less intimidating; especially if you’ve made a connection – you’ve found a vendor you might want to hire – you’re blending ideas, and your personalities are meshing…. if you’ve got 5,000 brides standing behind you trying to talk to this person, you’re just going to end up having to take a business card and call later. At a smaller more intimate bridal show, you’ll find it easier to relax and get to know the vendors and the style or styles they can provide.

TNCOB: What advice would you give prospective brides, to help them get the most out of the few hours they are at a bridal show?

STOP – Ethan’s “How To Get The Most Out Of A Show” Advice Here Blew Us Away!

Ethan: Visit the bridal show’s website ahead of time to see the list of vendors/service providers who are scheduled to be at the show. Then go to their websites, blogs, and Facebook pages to learn about them ahead of time. Don’t waste valuable time at the show getting to know total strangers. Decide ahead of time whose work and style you like, and then come to the show ready to spend some quality time with vendors you already like.

TNCOB: Some prospective brides come to a bridal show with just their mother or maid of honor; others come with several of their friends. What’s your point of view? Can a bride bring too few or too many friends? Ethan: It’s your wedding – do it the way that fits your personality best. Bring your groom, bring both parents, bring your best friend, make it a girl’s night out or your bring whole wedding party. Bring whoever will help you relax, have fun, and get to know the vendors you’r still looking for.

TNCOB: What final advice can your share with our brides as the plan to attend a bridal show somewhere?

Ethan: Have fun! If you have fun planning your wedding…. you’ll have fun on your wedding day.

TNCOB: We thoroughly our time with Ethan Crawford. Thanks Ethan for sharing your insights with our North Central Ohio Brides. Best wishes on your bridal show in February.