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THE North Central Ohio Bride is looking for the best vendors in and around North Central Ohio.

While *inquires are welcomed and appreciated*, (contact us by using the form below ) all interview posts, guest blog posts and advertising are by invitation only.

Submitting material for a post does not guarantee its inclusion. Listing of advertising rates does not constitute an offer to accept advertising. A request to advertise, does not guarantee acceptance of advertising.

The inclusion on this blog of any particular post or any particular advertising, is at the sole discretion of the blog’s owner.

Interview Posts

TNCOB will be interviewing “A-List” vendors who have valuable information (not just self-advertising info) to share with mature, sophisticated and trendy brides in North Central Ohio. We’ll want to know what brides should be thinking about before contacting vendors in your service area. We’ll ask you about how you began and why you’re still here when so many part time vendors come and go. You’ll have the opportunity to share the questions brides should be asking you and other’s in your service area.

SO… The purpose of an interview post is for an A-List vendor to share expert advice.
This is not an advertisement (there is no charge to be interviewed), but rather this is an opportunity for you, as a local expert, to help brides understand the things that will help them make the best decision when choosing a vendor in your service area.

Guest Blog Posts

TNCOB will be accepting limited guest blog posts. A guest blog post is still NOT advertising, and there is still no charge to you for publishing your guest blog post.

A guest blog post will allow you to share a more in-depth look at a more narrow area of what you do.  It will inherently be more “about you” than is an interview post, ,but it should still emphasize something of value that a bride can apply to her wedding – even if you are not ultimately her choice of vendor.

  • A travel agent might help brides understand what “all-inclusive  really means.
  • A photographer might talk about natural vs. supplemental lighting.
  • A cake designer might discuss the benefits of one frosting vs. another.
  • A linen specialist might discuss the pros and cons of different color schemes.
  • A D.J. could give the best advice for creating a schedule of events for a bride’s reception.

SO… The purpose of a guest post is for an A-List vendor to share specific advice that, while useful to all brides, helps establish you as an expert A-List vendor in your service area.


Advertising, in the form of rotating side bar links and below-blog-post banners are available to vendors only after they have offered free information to the Brides of North Central Ohio, through interview or guest blog posts..

The purpose of an advertising link is to give brides the opportunity to learn more about someone (YOU) from whom they have already been given free and helpful advice. Rotating sidebar links and  below-blog-post banner links direct brides to your website, or Facebook page in a new browser window.

While The North Central Ohio blog and it’s companion Facebook page are not a “co-op” in any sense of the word, our mission statement says:

The purpose of The North Central Ohio Bride blog is to attract and engage brides with relevant
and helpful content, when they are looking for “anything wedding” in North Central Ohio.


  1. interview posts and gust blog post may be accepted without the purchase of advertising by a vendor.
  2. vendor advertising may not be purchased without the vendor first giving free, relevant, and helpful information via an interview and/or guest blog post.
  3. advertising rates will be exceptionally low – especially during the blog’s inaugural wedding season.


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